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Customer App Basics

Live Chat Support
OneDesk includes live chat support, allowing you to support your customers in real-time. The live chat messenger is customer-facing and can be added to your website via the web widget. Your customers
What is a knowledgebase? Essentially, the knowledgebase is a hub of helpful articles written by your team and placed in categories. Customers can browse these categories and search articles to find t
About Customer-Facing Applications
What are customer-facing applications? Customers in OneDesk are the people you are serving; they may be external clients or internal end-users. While your team or users use the main OneDesk...
Website Widget
OneDesk allows you to place a customer-facing widget onto your website. This gives your customers different ways to interact with you through various channels. You can give your customers access to...
Mobile-Friendly vs. Classic: Customer Apps
OneDesk offers classic and mobile-friendly customer applications. In short, the difference between classic or mobile-friendly apps comes down to the general appearance and some functionality. For...
Widget Configuration & Branding
The widget provides a simple, one-off integration with your website. Once integrated, you can configure the widget from your OneDesk without any additional updates to your website. The widget gives c
Customer Portal Configuration / Branding
OneDesk’s customizable customer portal is a useful tool for customers to see the items which they may be interested in, and the progress that is being made on them. For basic information see: Custome
Putting the Customer Apps on Your Website
OneDesk includes multiple customer-facing apps that you can use to enable communication with your customers. The apps include the web widget, messenger, portal, knowledgebase and webforms. Each app...
Setup/Configure MFA Ticket and Task Portals for Customers
There are two types of customer apps in OneDesk: Classic and MFA. Learn about the differences: Classic vs. MFA Apps. This article focuses on the MFA Ticket/Task Portals. What are the Ticket and Task
Changing your Login Settings for the Portal and Webforms
OneDesk’s customer apps provide a convenient way for your customer to interact with you by submitting tickets, asking questions, and more. The customer portal lets customers view the status of their
Multiple Services on a Single Account
(Available for Enterprise level plans only) If your company manages multiple services, brands, or a variety of departments each with different workflows, branding or websites, it is important to be...
Mobile OneDesk Customer Experience
OneDesk provides a mobile-friendly experience for customers. Using a mobile web browser, customers can make use of any customer-facing applications: Messenger, Webforms, Knowledgebase, Tickets/Tasks...
Configure Your Account to Not Use Any Customer Apps
This article explains how to configure your account in order to disable the use of customer apps entirely. In this case, your customers can only engage with you through email. If you follow the...
Changing Lifecycle Status as a Customer
Changing the lifecycle of your tickets and tasks can either be done internally within OneDesk, or by your customers. Customers can change an item’s lifecycle status either manually or through the use
Customer Communication Channels
Customers refer generally to the individuals you perform work for. These people might be internal (end-users) to your company or external (clients), but they submit tickets, send you requests, and...
Attaching Files: As a User and as a Customer
Your users and your customers can attach files to items in OneDesk for additional clarification, relevant documentation, and more. Understanding Storage Limits Many files can be attached to a single...
Automations for Items Submitted on the Customer Portal
Workflow automations are a tool in OneDesk which help streamline operations by automatically carrying out set actions on your items in response to a certain trigger being met. Workflow automations...
Create, Disable, or Delete Customer Apps
Create a new Customer App To create additional apps go to Administration > Customer Apps. Click on Create Customer App. Name your new app and select the type of app you want to create. You can...