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Sharing with Teams & Users

OneDesk lets you share projects with your teams or users. In OneDesk sharing is done at the ‘Project’ level.

Non-admin users will not be able to see the project or the items within it unless the project is shared with them. So to provide your teammates with access to a ticket, task, or other item, ensure the project is shared.

By default projects are shared with all teams upon their creation. This default setting will work for most companies. One reason you may want to change this default is if you have different departments with separate concerns working in a single OneDesk account. (See related articles). 

The best way to share a project is to share it with a team. By sharing on a team basis it is easier to control and track sharing status as well as project permissions. 

Ways to share a project

Option A

Step 1: Select the ‘project scope selector’ located on the top left panel.

Step 2: Click the ‘share’ icon next to the project you wish to share. 

Step 3: Select the team(s) to share with by clicking ‘Add’ 

Option B

Step 1: From any of the main apps (Tickets, Tasks, Projects), select the ‘Action icon’ (three dots) next to any project.

Step 2: Select ‘Share Projects’

Step 3: Select the teams to share with.

View which projects a user has access to

Step 1: Navigate to the Users application on the left panel.

Step 2: Select a user to view the user profile.

Step 3: Select ‘Manage Projects’. 

Here you will see all projects currently shared with the individual user. You can also share individual projects with a user from this screen.

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