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Customer Portal (Classic)

What is the classic customer portal?

The customer portal is one of the customer-facing applications in OneDesk. The customer portal allows your customers to view information about tickets (or tasks). While customers already receive new conversations/replies directly to their email inbox, the portal enables customers to view additional information such as status or progress. You can configure which tickets/tasks the customer can see as well as which properties they are able to see. The portal allows customers to review past conversations regarding a request, continue conversations, submit requests through attached webforms, and more.

Why would I use the customer portal (classic)?

The portal is a self-service option for your customers/end-users. When working on tickets in OneDesk, customers following the ticket will receive replies directly to their inbox. Customers will not see ticket properties such as status or progress, unless they access the portal. Allowing customers to login and view ticket properties can cut back on questions as they can stay updated on their own terms. The portal also provides a way of collaborating with your clients/customers.  

How do customers access the portal? 

OneDesk is quite flexible so you can utilize the portal in a few ways. You can provide customers a link, such as from your website or in an email. You can have the portal in the web widget which can be embedded on your site. You can also embed the portal into your webpage. For more details see: Adding the apps to your site

Classic portal vs. tickets / tasks portal (MFA)

In OneDesk there are two main customer app types: Classic and Mobile-Friendly Apps (MFA). The Classic Portal, is considered a 'classic' app while the Tickets Portal and Tasks Portal are 'MFA'. The main differences come down to appearance and desired functionality.  

  • The classic portal can contain both tickets and tasks. The MFA portals separates tickets and tasks into their own designated portals. 
  • The MFA portals require Google Firestore to be turned on in your account. 

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