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Email Appearance

OneDesk lets you customize the appearance of the emails it sends out on your behalf. If you have completed the Getting Started Wizard in OneDesk, you would have already edited aspects of the header (the logo) and added a signature. The email header and signature you set will be what OneDesk uses to wrap all your outgoing emails in. We put these at the top (header) and bottom (signature) of every email.  

Change the appearance of your emails

In the lower left click More Applications >> Administration (bottom left sidebar) >> navigate to Emails on the side panel >> select tab Appearance 


Add an Email Header

OneDesk does not add any specific information to your email header section by default, aside from your company logo. If you have a logo uploaded, it will automatically be added to the headers of your emails/ 

You can disable the company logo from the mail header by unchecking the box.

(To configure your logo see: Company Preferences).


Add an Email Signature

OneDesk will add your company name and support email address to the signature by default if you have entered your support address during set-up in the Getting Started Wizard. 

You can modify your signature by including links, changing text justification, adding additional information., etc.


Modify the Email’s Colors

In this section, you can change the colors of your emails to fit your organization’s branding. Check on ' Customer email colors'. You can select from a collection of colors, or input HEX color codes. 

Default email appearance

To change the email’s colors:

Click on the appropriate circle next to the color section you wish to change. You are able to change:

  • Background color: the background that surrounds the message boxes
  • User Replies: the message box that contains messages from OneDesk users
  • Customer Replies: the message box that contains messages from customers
  • Bubble Border: Enable or disable the bubbles surrounding user/customer messages.

Email delimiter 

Is a line of text that appears at the top of your email messages. By default ‘Please reply above this line’. You can change this text.

The subject line of outgoing emails

Message/reply subject line

When a new message is posted to a ticket/task/project and the message is not seen in one minute, the followers/requesters on the item will receive that message by email. The subject line of this email displays, by default, the item name and an excerpt of the first posted message. 

You can configure this subject line from Administration >> Emails ->> Messaging Center.

The first message block under 'Automated Messages & Replies' is the automation that sends this email. Select the pencil icon to view and edit this email. 

You can see the dynamic properties that are populating the subject line of this email. You can configure the subject line to your preference, including adding different dynamic properties. A popular option is inserting the 'latest message' property instead of the 'first message' property.

Note: It's not recommended to alter the body of this email, especially the 'all messages' property. 

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