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Knowledgebase (Help Center)

What is a knowledgebase (help center)?

A knowledgebase, also called a help center, refers to a customer-facing self-service tool. It is a hub of helpful articles written by your team. Articles are organized into categories on the knowledgebase. Customers can browse through categories and search articles to find the answers they need. The knowledgebase can be accessed by your customers via a link or the web widget.

Why use a knowledgebase (help center)?

A knowledgebase is a self-service tool for customers. The knowledgebase can hold company information, how-to guides, and answers to common questions. Many customers prefer seeking help on their own and the help center can help reduce ticket volume. Additionally, your agents can use the knowledge base to aid in answering customer enquiries by insert links or article text into conversations. Use the knowledge base to keep accurate and up-to-date information at the fingertips of your users and customers.

What is the structure of the knowledgebase (help center)? 

The KB consists of parent categories, categories, and articles. Parent categories are the highest level of organization. Parent categories can only contain categories (or other parent categories). Categories can only contain articles.

Articles are a type of 'item' in OneDesk. The name, details, and any attachments added to the article will appear in the knowledgebase once the article is added to a published category. 

Can I change the colors and messages in the knowledgebase? 

There are a number of configurations you can make to the knowledgebase from the administration settings. Configurations include the name, color, logo, and welcome message. To configure your KB go to Administration > 'name of your KB' 

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