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Email Templates

OneDesk lets you configure what emails are sent out on your behalf, who receives them, and their contents. You can also configure email settings on a per-user level so users only get emails about what is most relevant to them. 

What are email templates?

Email templates are re-useable, pre-written emails. Email templates can be completely customized. They can also contain dynamic properties, which are properties that get generated automatically based context. For example, the 'ID' property will generate and insert the ticket's identification number. Once email templates are written, they can be used via automation. Automations allow you to automatically send the templates based on the conditions you choose.

Where can I find and create email templates? 

You can find you templates, or create new ones from the Messaging Center. The Messaging Center is found under Administration -> Emails  -> Messaging Center -> Automated Emails

Here you will find any existing templates, organized by ID.

  • You can see whether the template is being sent under the status column.
  • You can also see the condition it is being sent under the 'Emails' column or by clicking the 'Automation ID.'
  • View or edit the template by clicking the pencil icon on the right side. 
  • Create a new template by clicking 'Create Email Template'

For more details on creating templates see: Modifying & Creating Email Templates

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