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Recent Activities Indicator: Track Changes to Your Items

When using OneDesk, a quick way of seeing if there has been changes to an item you have worked on is the recent activity marker. This marker is a green heartbeat icon in your grid view, which denotes an icon as having unseen changes made to it since the last time you accessed it.

Using the Recent Activity Marker

If an item of yours has had changes made to it since the last time you worked on it, the recent activity icon will appear next to its ID number in the grid view of OneDesk. Hovering over this icon will show the most recent change made to the item - note that some changes are not shown, but changes such as new messages, change of project, lifecycle updates, assignee updates, and more are shown. The icon also shows the profile picture of who made the change, and a link to all activities associated with the item inside the Activities application.

Selecting “All Activities” brings you to a custom view in the Activities application at More Applications -> Analytics -> Activities. This custom view is restricted only to the item you’ve selected - it will show all activities made on the item, and which activities are causing the indicator, like shown below.

Use the recent activities icon to stay aware of when the items you are working on have changed.

Clearing the Recent Activity Marker

If you want to get rid of the recent activity marker beside an item after seeing any new changes, navigate to the Activities application and select the three dots in the top right corner. You can mark all activities as read.

After choosing this option, the activities icon will be removed for all items in your current view.

Note that you will need to scroll down and mark activities as read again if they are not inside your view when pressing the “Mark All as Read” button, as their activities icon will not be removed if they are not visible.

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