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Email to Ticket

OneDesk automates the ticket creation process through email capture. Ensure that no request is lost nor left unnoticed and overall improve request tracking.

How does the email to ticket flow work? 

The email to ticket flow works like this:

Either directly connect your support inbox(es), or set up an auto-forward rule from your support inbox to your OneDesk creation email. 

Once done, emails will automatically be converted to tickets.

All the information from the email is translated to the ticket. The subject line becomes the ticket title. The body message becomes the ticket description. Any attachments will be added to the ticket detail panel. The customer will become the requester of the ticket, meaning they are following it. Any customer replies will be sent directly to the the customer's inbox and likewise any responses they send will appear in your OneDesk, attached to the ticket. Note: If it is the first time the customer has emailed, their information (name and email) will be saved to your account as a customer profile.

Connect your support email (for Office 365 or Google email accounts)  

If the email provider of your support inbox is either Office 365 or Gmail/Google Workspace, you can directly connect your email account. With O365 you can connect via OAuth. For Google accounts you can connect using an App Password. Connecting with either of these options will create new tickets from the inbox and allows you to send responses from OneDesk using the email account. For full details and how to set-up this connection see: The Email Flow.  

If you use a different email provider or prefer to use the auto forwarding method, see below. 

Set-up auto-forwarding to capture tickets

Step 1: Go to Administration -> Tickets

Step 2: Make note of the ticket capture email address on your account. It will be similar but different to the one below. 

Note: You can have up to 10 different 'ticket types,' each with their own creation email. (Select 'Show Hidden Types' and toggle visible). It is generally recommended to only enable multiple different types if you have different workflows depending on each kind of ticket. If you forward emails to these other creation emails it will create that 'ticket type'. This is optional as you can auto-forward multiple email inboxes to the same ticket type. If you want to auto-route tickets based on which email inbox it originated, we recommend using the 'Email Queues' feature. Check out Email Queues for more detail. 

Step 3: Next, you will want to set up an auto-forward rule from your regular support email account to automatically send new emails to the OneDesk email you noted earlier. Ensure this rule is an auto-forward not a manual forward, so customer’s information is captured. This process will automatically forward and create a ticket in your OneDesk account whenever your support inbox receives an email. 

For detailed how-to's on how to set up auto-forwarding rules in Gmail or Outlook please see the following links:

Auto-forwarding with Outlook

Auto-forwarding with Gmail

Note: You can also configure a custom IMAP to create incoming tickets. Go to Administration > Emails > Settings. Under Email Queues, select 'Add Incoming.' 

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